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Divorce under any circumstances is a traumatic experience.

​That is why choosing the BEST Law Firm that I could trust, implicitly, was so important to me when I recently had to go through this emotionally challenging process.

John and Evy, from Comninos Law, and their team not only devoted their time and effort to me, during this trying time, they took a genuine and personal interest in my case.

I experienced their support and loyalty on a legal, psychological, and financial level.

They guided me through some of the most difficult decisions and were ALWAYS available when I needed them.

The entire divorce process from the first meeting when they visited me, personally, to the final decree of the divorce in the High Court was made so much easier by their personal, dedicated, and loyal approach to their clients.

I can recommend Comninos Law to anyone needing Legal Services from a trustworthy Legal Firm.​

THANK YOU, JOHN, AND EVY for being there for me when I needed legal advice and support mo

Professor Gertie Pretorius 

I have known John Comninos for over 30 years.

John has been our lawyer ever since we have been in business and that has been for 35 years. John is a very thorough and competent professional who always had my company’s best interests in mind. John would not hesitate to tell me when he had to curb his actions based on his firm’s policies and procedures. I was always informed when John was our attorney and I always felt like our company was in very good hands. He never missed a scheduled meeting and he always took my calls. What I especially liked about John was his ability to remain calm in crisis situations. With John we have been very fortunate as we have never lost a case and I realise that he asks the hard questions when we need to prepare the case. He takes each case very personally and it seems that he is as vested in the outcome as I am. Most importantly John goes above and beyond the call of duty by introducing me to many other business partners which allowed us to grow & build our business. It’s not very often that you get commitment like that shown to a client. I would not hesitate to recommend John and his team as a company that will assist you in many of the legal requirements that you have. 



Thanks again for everything you have done and for the value and worth you invested in us!You and Evy are a great example of unconditional support, effort and love!

God bless!!


Dear John and Evy


I battle to find the right words to try and explain how extremely thankful

I am for everything you guys have done for me and the boys. ​

Thank you for the compassion and love. Thank you for making me feel like I

am not just another case that has to be resolved.​

You guys became part of my support structure. Part of my family. 

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


Choosing a few words to connect with anyone emotionally will prove to be close to impossible when it comes to communicating the level of integrity and compassion I receive as a client of John and Evy.


The level of service and dedication I received as a small fish with no money was more than I would think a big fish with all the resources in the world would receive, for they offered me friendship.


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