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The first thing we do when you contact us is to give you our frank assessment of your case so you know if it is worth proceeding. Next, we put together the specialised team that can best solve your specific problem. We can combine knowledge from different fields and draw on our expertise in general litigation, contract law or our particular specialities.

When complex disputes arise, Comninos Law is there to protect the interests that are most important to individuals and businesses.

Our litigation practice covers every aspect of common law and statutory law from Summons to the Constitutional court. 


We are accomplished litigation attorneys with the advanced legal knowledge and industry insight necessary to litigate the most challenging law and statutory issues. Our clients trust that we have the depth of experience necessary to handle their largest and most complex disputes.


We represent companies operating across all industry sectors, from chemicals and consumer products to Property, Media, & Food and Beverage.

Our attorneys are proactive in their approach to law, carefully monitoring and analysing critical issues and legal developments. We share this information with our clients so that we can work together to prepare for changes in the law that may impact their business operations.

When conflicts arise, we partner with our clients to develop litigation strategies that best support and advance their business interests. We focus on crafting long-term solutions that minimize the costs and risk exposure for businesses. We appreciate that litigation can be expensive and highly disruptive and we work tirelessly to manage the legal costs for our clients.

Our attorneys regularly partner with leading Advocates, technical experts and consultants to present the most effective evidence and strongest legal arguments. In addition, while we have the bench strength and resources to represent companies in the most challenging litigation matters, we have established strong partnerships with leading attorneys across the country and internationally when a client would be best served by that arrangement. 


This collaboration allows our firm to staff each matter as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible no matter how large or complex the litigation.


  • Our litigation and dispute resolution practice has a unique ability to work efficiently.

  • We have expertise in litigation (including a strong courtroom capability with the assistance of specialist advocates).

  • Our approach emphasizes practical understanding of our clients’ business problems and we have experience across every segment of the corporate and financial world.

  • We specialize in managing complex cases involving multiple claims and parties. We are sensitive to your needs, both financial and emotional.

  • We narrow the issue in dispute and focus on your problem as our challenge

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We have never lost a case in court!

Preparation in Litigation matters is essential to success. Our experienced trial lawyers leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring that on trial day we have pursued every aspect of your case.



A problem solver is an individual who makes decisions and resolves issues using critical thinking and analytical skills. Typically, they consider all factors in a situation and make a decision based on the best solution.

We focus on finding legal solutions for you as cost effective and efficiently as possible .


Our Litigation practice advises clients from a broad range of sectors on all forms of litigation.

Our Litigation team has a particular focus on:

Real Estate law, Construction,Commercial transactions and advise  on a wide range of high profile, complex litigation often requiring sophisticated strategic planning and a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses.

We are proud to associate ourselves with only the best Counsel and third party professionals in all spheres of industry.

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