What to ask your Lawyer when you instruct their firm for the first time !

So having sat in front of hundreds of clients in my legal career, I can honestly say that most of them were unable to contemplate what would transpire once they decided to take the first daunting step to litigate. Emotively charged and eager to get their pound of flesh from that unethical builder or spouse that "stole " his children, the client doesn't consider how important it is to be fully informed before he jumps in!

Ask what your worst case scenario could be?

Make sure you are aware of what could potentially go wrong! Most lawyers don't talk about the epic fail. Once you know what you can expect the journey is a winding road, but you're ready for those pot holes!

What will this cost you?

Be blunt ! You need to know. Rather be told its going to be very expensive so you can budget or make a payment arrangement, then lie awake at night praying that the bill doesn't arrive. Good lawyers need to be paid! Respect that. You came to them with a problem that you had a a hand in causing. Don't leave that meeting without understanding the terms and conditions of engagement. Failure to do so is at your peril.

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